Ft Jackson

Sat Jan 30 2016

Weigh Ins 8am

Bell Time 6pm

Military vs Military ONLY

Officials are needed. Please contact Official in Charge Teresa Mott at 843-670-3096 or tmott62@gmail.com if you are available to work ringside. Authorization for entry to the post is required



South Carolina Golden Gloves/Junior Golden Gloves

USA Boxing Sanction #16-55-12205

Sat Feb 20 2016

White Rock Gym
2250 Dutch Fork Road
Chapin SC

Weigh Ins 10am-12noon
Bell Time 4pm

$10 non refundable entry fee in advance

$15 non refundable entry fee day of competition

ALL entry forms/fees MUST be filled out/signed in their entirety

Points of Contact:

Coach Johnny Lewellen 843-478-9667 or hardknox@svilleboxing.com

Official in Charge Teresa Mott 843-670-3096 or tmott62@gmail.com


SafeSport – Where Your Game Plan Starts

We all have a role to play in creating a healthy setting for sport. SafeSport helps raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources. When we work as a team, we can build a game plan to make sport safe―for everyone. http://safesport.org

ALL NON ATHLETES are required to take this online course and submit the completed certification to USA Boxing in Colorado. It is the responsibility of each individual to complete this process in a timely manner. Membership renewal will not be approved until the SafeSport certification is completed.




1. Contact the LBC President Johnny Lewellen @ 843-478-9667 or hardknox@svilleboxing.com to see if the date you would like to host the show is available so there is no conflict with scheduling.

2. Contact the Chief of Officials Teresa Mott @ 843-670-3096 or tmott61@gmail.com to see if she is available on the date you wish to host the show if you will be naming her as the Chief of Officials for your event. If you choose to list someone other than the SC Chief of Officials he or she MUST be approved by Teresa Mott. The Chief of Officials for any event MUST be a minimum of a LEVEL II Official

3. What you are responsible for once the above steps are complete

A. Apply for your sanction online at www.usaboxing.org. The sanction fee guarantees LIABILITY INSURANCE ONLY! It does NOT guarantee officials will be at your event. They are volunteer! They are NOT required to work ringside so ask nicely if they would like to help-do not take officials for granted! The sanction fee does NOT guarantee the use of gloves or a timer however if at all possible gloves and a timer will be made available through the LBC. Nikki Messer is the sanction designee and will approve or deny your sanction request with the LBC President’s consent. If you have questions or difficulties applying for your sanction, contact Nikki Messer at 846-419-3496

B. Once your sanction is approved, spread the word to all clubs that are invited to attend. If you would like your event to be announced on the LBC website contact Lori Stokes-the website administrator

C. As the event host it is YOUR responsibility to line up officials to work ringside for your event. If you are having difficulty or need contact information for officials, contact the SC Chief of Officials Teresa Mott @ 843-670-3096 or tmott62@gmail.com. Information for all officials is not made public at his or her request. Officials from other states must be contact through that state’s Chief of Officials or their website(s). You will need a MINIMUM of 7 officials-1 referee, 3 judges, 1 time keeper, 1 clerk and your Chief of Officials (also known as the ring captain) to run the ring during the event. Obviously the more officials you have the easier it is for all working ringside.

D. If you would like to PRE-MATCH bouts you MUST adhere to ALL USA Boxing Rules/Regulations regarding age/weight/experience (see the chart in the COMPETITION RULES book page 40) Feel free to contact LBC President Johnny Lewellen @ 843-478-9667 or Chief of Officials Teresa Mott @ 843-670-3096 with any questions or for assistance.

E. It is YOUR responsibility to secure a ringside physician (MUST be an MD or a DO-Dr of Osteopathy) for your event. He or she MUST be registered with USA Boxing as a NON ATHLETE prior to your event and possess a NON ATHLETE passbook. Contact USA Boxing in Colorado for assistance.

F. Information on ring set up/competition field of play (FOP) can be found in the COMPETITION RULES book on pages 14-15. Go to www.usaboxing.org and click on “Rule Books” for these guidelines.


Below is a short list of the rules to be followed. Go to www.usaboxing.org to download the new technical & competition rulebooks for all new rules

ALL males must be clean shaven prior to stepping on the scale—NO mustache, NO beard, NO side burns

Hair nets/caps must be used for all athletes (male & female) that have long hair. NO hair can be outside the headgear. Failure to comply may result in the disqualification of the athlete.

Only CLEAR water bottles are to be used in the corner.

3 coaches may now be ringside. HOWEVER, only ONE may step into the ring during the rest period; one may step on the apron & the third must remain on the floor.

ALL Coaches must remain a minimum of THREE feet from the ring during each round and you must remain seated. Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the field of play.

NO electronic devices (cell phones, ipads/tablets, video cameras, still cameras etc) are permitted in the field of play. This means NO recording of the bout by a coach/athlete/spectator will be permitted at any time from the field of play. Only official photographers/videographers hired by the hosting club will be permitted to film from the field of play during a bout. Failure to comply may result in the removal of the person with the electronic device.

Athletes are to NOT wear his/her headgear into the ring. Headgear is to be put on IN the ring. **Red/blue headgear/jerseys are NOT required on the local level**. Athletes may wear their team uniform/headgear for local club shows & state tournaments. As always, no nick names are permitted on the uniform & jerseys must be sleeveless.

NO tape may be worn on the uniform at any time however taping of the laces on a headgear is permitted on the local level in order to maintain safety of the athletes. NO tape may be used to distinguish the natural waist line. The waist band of the trunks must be a different color than the jersey so low blows can be easily spotted. NO tape may be used to secure the back of a jersey.

The 10-must scoring system will be used. Please refer to the technical & competition rulebooks for further explanation.

Protests of a bout must be submitted to the Supervisor (Chief of Officials or his/her designee) within 30 min of the end of a bout. NO protests of scoring/judges will be accepted. Protests of a bout must concern the actions of the referee only. Please refer to the technical rules & competition rulebooks for further explanation.

Again, this is a SHORT list of all the new rules that will take effect SEPT 1 2013 so please familiarize yourself with the new technical & competition rules so that all will have a smooth transition to the new rules & scoring system