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Jan 23 at 10:55 AM

USA Boxing South Carolina Association


End of Year Meeting


Sat December 5 2015


The 2015 USA Boxing South Carolina Association Board of Directors/Board of Governors


meeting was held on Saturday December 5 2015 at White Rock Gym in Columbia SC. The


President being present and the Interim Secretary being present. The meeting was called to order


by President John Lewellen at 10:00am. Opening prayer followed.


Roll Call:


President John Lewellen-­present


Vice President Carlos Johnson-­absent


Interim Secretary Teresa Mott-­present


Treasurer Nikki Messer-­present


Chief of Officials Teresa Mott-­present


Registration Chair Lorie Stokes-­absent


Athlete Rep Jeremy Sims-­present


Clubs Present


Champs Gym


SC Fit


Summerville Boxing Team


White Rock Gym


Minutes from previous meeting were read. No corrections/changes required. Motion made by


John Lewellen to accept minutes as written and presented. Motion seconded by David Barnett.


All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried


Report of Officers


President John Lewellen


Number of members of USA Boxing South Carolina Association is close to 500 for


2015-up considerably from 4 yrs ago when there were only 61 athletes members. President John Lewellen applied for a $5000 grant from USA Boxing on behalf of the South


Carolina Association-­no answer yet. The USA Boxing By Laws were amended by USA Boxing in


Colorado. Additional background checks now required for those running for a Board of Directors




Vice President Carlos Johnson




Secretary Teresa Mott


Nothing to report


Treasurer Nikki Messer


Current bank account balance: $14,414.19


Reimbursements: $1397.50


New gloves purchase: $844


South East Region Junior Olympics Fees: $375


Income from sanctions/membership: $7182.35


Page 2 2015 USA Boxing South Carolina Association BOD/BOG Meeting


Chief of Officials Teresa Mott


3 Officials Clinics; 5 coaches clinics; 11 shows scheduled­9 took place, 2 were cancelled.


John Lewellen was nominated and received “Outstanding Official” at the Ringside World


Championship in Independence Missouri.


Unfinished Business:


Revise USA Boxing South Carolina Association By Laws­revision/amendments were


made by USA Boxing Colorado. Discussion followed


New Business:


Set a budget for the following:


Travel expense reimbursements for officials


Travel expense reimbursements for athletes for regional and national tournaments


Set a procedure for acquiring reimbursement


Set a per diem rate for athletes/officials when traveling to regional and national




Consider replacing LBC gloves after a certain period of time/usage


List currently registered physicians on the LBC website only after receiving permission from each physician to do so


Consider posting LBC Board of Directors/Board of Governors meetings on YouTube






Closing Prayer




Motion made by John Lewellen to adjourn at 11:34am. Motion seconded by Corey Goodwin. All


in favor. None opposed. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.



SafeSport – Where Your Game Plan Starts

We all have a role to play in creating a healthy setting for sport. SafeSport helps raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources. When we work as a team, we can build a game plan to make sport safe―for everyone.

Beginning AUG 1 2015 ALL NON ATHLETES are required to take this online course and submit the completed certification to USA Boxing in Colorado. It is the responsibility of each individual to complete this process in a timely manner.



All personal and private information on USA Boxing’s website has been accessed by unauthorized person or persons. After speaking with Colorado today (Sept 16 2013) I was informed that the information that was accessed is the following: your name, address, contact information, physical description, date of birth and emergency contact information. Please take the appropriate measures to protect yourself and/or your children from potential harm that the access of this private information may cause. This was done through Colorado’s data base NOT South Carolina’s. I was informed, after speaking with the proper authorities, that it would be in the best interest of everyone connected to USA Boxing in South Carolina to be notified. I am truly embarrassed by the actions of the individual or individuals from South Carolina that did this. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance. I would also ask you to accept my sincere apology. I assure you we had no control over this and we will do everything possible to bring the culprit(s) in question to answer for their illegal activities. These actions, in my opinion, are violations of many South Carolina laws and statutes. Please accept my sincere apology.

Your President

John Lewellen





Read it, learn it, understand it…as of SEPT 1 2013 ALL new technical & competition rules that apply on the local level will be implemented/enforced–keep in mind…SOME of the new rules are for NATIONAL level competition…