Level I officials classes now online !

March 1, 2017


Dear Officials and Coaches,

USA Boxing’s Referee & Judges Commission is pleased to announce that online certification and re-certification for Level I Officials is now available! Anyone who is interested in becoming a level I official (or if you’re already a level I official and need to recertify), you may do so online. You do not have to attend an in-person clinic as a level I. However, if you prefer in person clinics offered by your LBC, you still have that option.
Please note that the online officials’ certification is for new or recertifying level I officials only. Level II and Level III officials cannot take the online test at this time.

The online exam is fair, but will challenge the knowledge of the official. Use the resources available on the USA Boxing website to study before taking the online exam. Officials must pass the course with an 80% or better. If you do not pass the first time, you won’t be able to take the test again for 72 hours.

We hope that having this online certification available for level I officials will encourage more of our members to become officials.

In addition, for those officials who want to become judges, we have created a National Preparation and Certification Pathway for New Judges. We are always striving to recruit more officials and upgrade the training of our existing officials, and we hope this new pathway for judges will encourage more participation.

The new National Pathway outlines the steps a new official completes to become a judge. By standardizing this process, all potential officials, from any and all LBCs, understand exactly what’s required to judge USA Boxing bouts.

The Pathway requires a newly registered and certified official to communicate with their LBC Chief of Officials (COO), and their COO will then monitor the new judge as they shadow experienced judges. Once the COO determines that the new judge is capable, the new judge will be able to judge bouts on their own.

To support the COOs in their mentoring process, the USA Boxing R&J Commission is providing LBC COOs with a liaison.

Once a Level I has taken the online exam, they must inform their LBC Chief of Officials, and shadow experienced judges at local events until the COO believes they are competent to judge on their own.

Attached you’ll find two documents: 2017 National Pathway document and Frequently Asked Questions.

The R&J Commission is always looking for new avenues for officials to learn and retain knowledge. Currently, this Pathway is for judges only. If you want to clerk or be a timekeeper, contact your COO and they can arrange for some “on the job training” until you are proficient in those areas. For those who want to referee, don’t expect to be allowed to referee right after you get your level I certification. It takes extensive knowledge along with being proficient in all other areas (clerk, timer, & judge) before being allowed to ref.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


Shawn Reese
Chair, USA Boxing R&J Commission


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