NOTE: The form and content of these Bylaws are mandatory in their entirety for all LBCs, except that some sections may be modified within guidelines set forth in the addendum. Sections which may be modified are marked with an asterisk (*). Any revisions to these Bylaws must be submitted to the Membership Services Committee for approval. If National Bylaws are amended that affect LBC Bylaws, those changes will automatically apply to the LBC Bylaws as of their effective date. EXCEPTIONS: Exceptions are permissible only if court rulings or State Regulatory Agencies require deviation from these Bylaws. For those items not addressed in these Bylaws, the National Bylaws will prevail.

United States Amateur Boxing, Inc.
USA Boxing, SOUTH CAROLINA Association, Inc.
Local Boxing Committee (LBC)


101 OBJECTIVES – The objectives shall be to foster, develop, promote and coordinate recreational and competitive amateur boxing opportunities for all member athletes and supportive participants and to supervise such other amateur boxing matters as may properly come within its purview and shall be consistent with those of the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and subsequent revision, the Association International De Boxe Amateur (AIBA), United States Amateur Boxing, Inc. (USA Boxing), and the Local Boxing Committee (LBC).

NOTE: It is intended that the LBC shall have and continue to have the status of an organization, which is exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If the LBC has that status, whether obtained on its own or under USA Boxing’s umbrella, contributions, bequests and gifts are deductible for federal income, estate and gift tax purposes under sections 170(c)(2), and 2055(a)(2) thereof, respectively. The Bylaws shall be construed and all powers and activities of the LBC shall be limited accordingly. Notwithstanding any provision of these Bylaws, the LBC shall not carry on any activities not permitted to be carried on by an organization having such status. If incorporated, the Articles of Incorporation of the LBC shall also affect the purposes of this clause.
102 NAME AND BOUNDARIES – The geographic boundaries and name designation of the LBC shall be set forth in the appendix to United States Amateur Boxing’s (USA Boxing’s) Official Rules. The name of this LBC shall be designated as follows: “USA Boxing, SOUTH CAROLINA Association”. If incorporated, the LBC’s name may include the abbreviation “Inc.”

103 JURISDICTION – The LBC has jurisdiction over the sport of amateur boxing as has been delegated to it by USA Boxing.

201 TYPES – The membership shall consist of the following:
(a) For an organization to qualify to register for a club membership that club or organization must have the same objectives as stated in 101.
(b) Those amateur boxing organizations which have joined and are in good standing as members of the LBC and who have athletes and/or non-athletes registered to represent said organization in the sport of amateur boxing.
(c) Those organizations which conduct a program in amateur boxing or are composed of persons joined together in support of amateur boxing or some aspect of it.
*(d) Each member club shall appoint a representative to the LBC Board of Governors. Such appointment will be in writing, duly certified by the chief executive officer or secretary of the appointing member. The appointing member may withdraw its representative by written notice, addressed to the secretary and signed by its chief executive officer or secretary, and substitute a new representative. A person may represent no more than one (1) club.
(1) A minimum of five (5) active, registered member boxers currently participating (must have boxed once during the year, walk-over not counted) is required for voting club membership. A club not meeting this requirement may be granted voting rights at any LBC meeting only by unanimous consent by those voting members of the LBC Board of Governors present at said meeting.
(2) Each member of the Board of Governors present shall have one (1) vote on each matter submitted to the Board of Governors for its consideration. Neither write-in nor proxy votes will be permitted. No member may cast more than one (1) vote on any ballot.

(a) Amateur boxers, coaches, officials, sustaining life members and other individuals involved in amateur boxing interested in the purposes and programs of the LBC, and join USA Boxing. Non-athletes will receive a membership card, athletes a passbook, certifying their membership and may attend all meetings of the LBC with voice but not vote.
(b) Membership is in force when all application requirements have been met.
(1) INCOME – Any income derived from the promotion of amateur boxing by members of USA Boxing must be used for further promotion of amateur boxing or for the general welfare of the LBC as a whole.

(2) INFRACTIONS – A member club may be held responsible for infractions of rules and regulations committed by an athlete or non-athlete who is competing or acting as a representative of such organization.

*(1) APPOINTMENT – The LBC Board of Governors shall consist of the representatives appointed by each member club and members of the Board of Directors. The LBC shall be geographically divided into four (4) Districts for the purpose of electing the four (4) directors to the LBC Board of Directors. The member clubs in each district shall elect one (1) individual from their respective district to verve as the director on the LBC Board of Directors for a term of two(2) years). (See attachment (12) for the geographic districts.)
(a) Athlete representatives must be elected to the LBC Board of Directors and Board of Governors by the athletes and must represent 20% of the voting members. 20% athlete representatives to the Board of Directors and Board of Governors will be appointed by the president (with letter of recommendation from club president). Each must be, at the time of his/her election, engaged in amateur boxing or have competed in LBC amateur boxing within the three- (3) years preceding his/her election.
(b) No club can have more than one athlete representative to the LBC Board of Directors and Board of Governors.

(2) DUTIES AND POWERS – The management of the business affairs of the LBC is the responsibility of the Board of Governors. In addition to the duties and powers prescribed in the Rules of USA Boxing or in these Bylaws, the Board of Governors shall have the power, and it shall be its duty to
(a) Elect the Board of Directors in an election year.
(b) Review and adopt the annual budget of the LBC,
(c) Admit eligible members who have properly applied,
(d) Call regular and special meetings of the LBC,
(e) Ratify or rescind LBC policy and program established by the Board of Directors, and
(f) Amend the Bylaws of the LBC.

*(1) MEMBERS – The LBC Board of Directors shall consist of the officers, four (4) directors, and 20% athlete representation.

(2) DUTIES AND POWERS – The Board of Directors shall act for the LBC and LBC Board of Governors during the interval between its meetings, subject to approval and ratification by the Board of Governors except that it cannot amend these Bylaws. The Board shall have the power and it shall be its duty to
(a) establish program and policy, subject to ratification by the LBC Board of Governors and to lend direction thereto,
(b) prepare and review the annual budget, and

(c) call regular or special meetings of the LBC Board of Directors and Board of Governors.

*401 TITLES – The elected officers are president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. Any office may be combined with another except with that of the president.

402 ELIGIBILITY – Only current members of USA Boxing are eligible to hold office.

*403 TERM OF OFFICE – Each officer serves a two-year (2) term but is not eligible for re-election to the same office if he/she has served eight (8) consecutive years therein, until the lapse of four (4) years with no limitation on the number of terms.

*404 NOMINATION – The slate of officers to stand for election will be prepared by a nominations committee, with a minimum of three-(3) serving. The nominations committee will be elected by secret ballot at a meeting of either the Board of Governors or Board of Directors held prior to the annual meeting. Nominations will be published fifteen (15) days in advance of the election, and additional nominations may come from the floor.

405 ELECTION PROCEDURE – A candidate for office, in order to be elected, must receive a majority of the votes cast. In the event that more than two (2) names are placed in nomination for one (1) office, and no single nominee receives a majority of the votes cast, the name of the candidate with the least number of votes shall be removed from the ballot. This procedure shall continue on successive balloting until a nominee is elected.

406 DUTIES – The duties of the officers and committee chairperson are hereafter set forth, and such others as may be designated by the LBC Board of Governors from time to time.
(1) PRESIDENT – The president calls meetings as mandated in these Bylaws and when and where deemed necessary, presides at all meetings, and appoints committee chairperson for standing committees, and such special committees as may be necessary to fill the duties and responsibilities of the LBC, with advice and consent of the Board of Directors. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The LBC President will be responsible for the certification of all officials and coaches.

(2) VICE-PRESIDENT – In the event that the president is unable to serve, the vice-president shall act in his/her behalf until the president is able to serve or until a successor is duly elected. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

(3) SECRETARY – The secretary is responsible for keeping a record of all meetings, conducting official correspondence, issuing meeting notices and copies of the minutes to the Board of Directors, and making such reports to USA Boxing as re-quired by Section X.
(4) TREASURER – The treasurer receives all the monies and pays all the bills approved by the finance committee or Board of Directors, provided that necessary minor expenses, which may be paid by any committee may be turned in to the treasurer if recorded in detail, duly attested by the committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The treasurer is responsible for maintaining all financial records, including bank and checking records, and for making timely reports to the Board of Directors.

(5) VACANCIES – In the event that a member of the Board of Directors, other than the president, immediate past president and athlete representative(s) is unable to serve, the Board of Directors shall appoint a member of USA Boxing to serve until the disabled director is able to serve or until a successor is duly named and ratified. Any member appointed to complete a vacant term may choose to run for office at the next annual meeting in which that position is scheduled for election.

*501 ANNUAL – The annual meeting of the LBC Board of Governors shall be held prior to January 1, and when elections are held the new officers’ terms shall commence on January 1.

502 SPECIAL – Should the president fail to call regular meetings or should special meetings be required, meetings may be called upon request of any three (3) members of the Board of Directors or by petition of fifty percent (50%) of the registered clubs.

(1) TIME – Not less than fifteen (15) days notice must be given by the secretary for any annual or spe¬cial meetings of the LBC Board of Governors or Board of Directors.

(2) INFORMATION – The notice of a meeting shall contain the time, date, site and agenda. For special meetings the purpose of such meeting shall be given.

(3) ADDRESS – The notice shall be sent to the address last given to the secretary of each member of the LBC Board of Governors or Board of Directors.

504 ORDER OF BUSINESS – At all meetings of the LBC Board of Governors or Board of Directors the following is the order of business:
(1) Roll Call
(2) Reading, correction and adoption of minutes
(3) Reports of Officers
(4) Reports of Committees
(5) Elections in an election year
(6) Unfinished Business
(7) New Business
(8) Resolutions and Orders
(9) Adjournment

*505 QUORUM – A quorum at all meetings shall consist of those present and eligible to vote.

506 VOTE BY PROXY: Vote by proxy is prohibited.

507 RULES OF ORDER – At all meetings, the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised, are the procedural rules.

601 STANDING COMMITTEES – The standing committees of the LBC shall be the finance, rules and regulations, registration, junior Olympic, officials, coaches and tournament planning committees.

602 SPECIAL COMMITTEES – The president, with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors, may establish a special committee when it becomes necessary to conduct the business of the LBC.

*(1) The registration chair shall be responsible for registration of athletes and non-athletes. The registration chair shall be elected.

*(2) The chief of officials shall be responsible for organizing certification clinics for officials and coaches of the LBC. The chief official will serve as head official for all LBC and regional championship tournaments sponsored by the LBC. the recruitment, certification and assigning of all officials, coaches and non-athlete members. The Chief of Officials shall be may be appointed/elected.

*(3) The junior Olympic chair shall be responsible to develop and conduct a program for age group amateur boxing in conjunction with the rules of the USA Boxing. The junior Olympic chair shall be elected.

*(4) The tournament planning chair shall be responsible to develop a program which will aid and assist the LBC in conducting the LBC championship tournaments. The tournament planning chair shall be elected.

(5) Chairs of committees, except those of the officials and Junior Olympic are appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.

(6) The duties of the chair of each committee are as follows:
(a) Presides at all meetings of the committee,
(b) sees that all duties and responsibilities of the committee or sub-committee in his/her charge are properly and promptly carried out,
(c) appoints such sub-committees as may be necessary to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the committee,
(d) communicates with the committee members to keep them fully informed,
(e) keeps the president and secretary informed of committee actions and recommendations,
(f) forwards reports or minutes of all meetings to the president and secretary, and
(g) performs such specific duties as outlined in LBC policy.

604 MEMBERSHIP – Members of all committees, other than those elected shall be appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the chairmen thereof.

701 GENERAL – The conditions of competition in any amateur boxing event, and the rules governing it, shall be those established by USA Boxing or by the LBC where its rules and regulations are not contrary to the rules of USA Boxing.

801 GENERAL – Amateur boxing championships will be held in accordance with the rules of USA Boxing for the conduct of championships.

901 CLUB – Every active member club joins the LBC and USA Boxing by submitting an approved application and by paying an annual fee established by the LBC.

902 ATHLETE AND NON-ATHLETE REGISTRATION – Each athlete and non-athlete member pays to the LBC registration commit¬tee an annual fee established by the LBC and USA Boxing.

Each applicant for sanction shall submit at time of application such fees and documents as required by the LBC and USA Boxing. In addition to a sanction fee, the LBC may establish a service charge not to exceed 3% or $250.00, whichever is less, with the exception of the Pro-Am Sanction fee.

1001 MINUTES – The secretary of the LBC shall, within thirty (30) days after each meeting of the LBC, mail a copy of the minutes of said meeting to USA Boxing.
1002 NOTICES – The secretary shall forward to USA Boxing copies of all official notices issued by the LBC at the time of such issue, including all those sent to the members of the LBC Board of Governors and Board of Directors.

1003 ANNUAL REPORTS – The secretary shall forward to USA Boxing a copy of the audit of the accounts of the LBC, along with a complete report on the proceedings of the annual meeting of the LBC, within thirty (30) days following the annual meeting. The audit of accounts is to be signed either by a certified public accountant, or at least three (3) members of the finance committee. The secretary shall forward to USA Boxing a copy of the Form 990 when filed. (If LBC is required to file.)
1004 MONTHLY REPORTS – The registration chair or his/her designee shall forward each month to USA Boxing a transmittal reporting all athletes, non-athletes and clubs, with addresses, who have joined the LBC and USA Boxing within the prior month. This transmittal shall be accompanied by the appropriate fees and original registration application forms. In addition, he/she shall forward copies of all sanction applications/ and sanctions issued by the LBC within the prior month.

1005 GENERAL – The LBC shall make such other reports and remittances to USA Boxing as specified in its Code or by the National Board of Directors or Board of Governors. The president, vice-president, secretary, and the treasurer are responsible for seeing that all required reports and remittances are made.

(Note: See Article XXII of USA Boxing’s Official Rules for Hearing and Appeals).

1101 BILL OF RIGHTS – The LBC or corporation, in accordance with Article XXII, shall respect and protect the right of every individual who is eligible under national and applicable international amateur athletic rules and regulations to participate if selected (or attempt to qualify for selection to participate) as an athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator or other official, representing the United States in any interna¬tional amateur athletic competition, so long as such competition is conducted in compliance with national and applicable international requirements.

1201 AMENDMENTS – Any provisions of these Bylaws not prescribed by USA Boxing may be amended at any meeting of the Board of Governors by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members voting. At least thirty (30) days notice must be given to every member of the Board of Governors of any proposed amendment.

1202 FISCAL YEAR – The fiscal year of the LBC shall correspond to USA Boxing’s fiscal year.

1203 MAILING ADDRESS – All LBCs must submit a permanent mailing address for use by USA Boxing.

1204 MAIL VOTE – Any action which may be taken at any regular or special meeting of members of either the Board of Governors or the Board of Directors, except elections and amendment of these Bylaws, may be taken without a meeting. If an action is taken without a meeting, the secretary shall distribute a written ballot to every member entitled to vote on the matter. The ballot shall set forth the proposed action, provide an opportunity to specify approval or disapproval of any proposal, and provide a reasonable time within which to return the ballot to the secretary. Approval by written ballot shall be valid only when the number of votes cast by ballot within the time period specified constitutes a majority of the votes entitled to be cast.

1205 SAVINGS CLAUSE: Failure of literal or complete compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws in respect to dates and times of notice, or the sending or receipt of the same, or errors in phraseology of notice of proposals which, in the judgment of the members at meeting held, do not cause substantial injury to the rights of members, shill not invalidate the actions or proceedings of the members at any meeting.

1206 DISSOLUTION – Upon dissolution, the net assets of the LBC will not inure to the benefit of any private individual or corporation, but will be distributed to United States Amateur Boxing, Inc. (USA Boxing) to be used exclu¬sively for educational or charitable purposes, or, if USA Boxing is not in existence, or is not then a corporation which is exempt under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and to which contributions, bequests and gifts are deductible under sections 170(c¬)(2), 2055(a)(2) and 2522(a)(2) thereof, such assets shall be distributed to such a corporation, to be used exclusively for educational or charitable purposes.


DATE ADOPTED ______________________________________________________________

MEETING LOCATION __________________________________________________________

Billy Sharpe, President Marjorie Hammond, Secretary

_____________________________________ _______________________________________
Signature Signature


Sections/paragraphs marked with an asterisk may be modified by each LBC within the following guidelines:

201(d) TYPES – An LBC may add additional membership classes, including individual members, or it may impose additional restrictions. Examples: A weighted voting system by size of club members, etc.

(1) APPOINTMENT – An LBC may have additional members on its LBC Board of Governors, including individual members or standing committee chairs, USA Boxing recognized group members.

(1) MEMBERS – Those listed must be elected. An LBC Board of Governors may elect additional at large directors to the Board of Directors. If a member of the Board of Directors misses two consecutive meetings without a valid excuse, the member shall be deemed to have resigned and will be replaced in compliance with Article 406(5).

401 The LBC may opt to elect two (2) at-large directors to its Board of Directors.

402 TERM OF OFFICE – Officers’ terms may be for two (2), or four (4) years.
Limited Terms:
Two-Year Terms: Four consecutive terms of two (2) years, for a total of eight (8) years. Officers can not hold office again until the lapse of two (2) years.
Four-Year Terms: Two consecutive terms of four (4) years, for a total of eight (8) years. Officers can not hold office again until the lapse of four (4) years.
Unlimited Terms: There need not be a limitation on the number of terms.

There need not be limitation on terms of registration chair, vice-president, treasurer, secretary/treasurer (if combined), junior Olympic chair or tournament planning chair. The tournament planning chair’s position may be eliminated if the LBC does not think it necessary to have the position.

403 NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The LBC may opt to not have a nominating committee.

501 MEETINGS – The LBC annual meeting shall be held prior to the end of the fiscal year with new officers taking office no later than six (6) weeks after election or by January 1 of the new fiscal year. The LBC may establish a specific date for the annual meeting or set a time between two (2) dates, e.g., held between November 15 and December 31. The LBC has the option to hold its election meeting in a timeframe when most of its voting members will be able to attend.

505 QUORUM – An LBC may establish what constitutes a quorum depending on local needs.


COMMITTEES – This entire section is intended as a guideline. The names of committees must remain as set forth, but the internal makeup of committees, and additional committees as desired, may be independently determined by an LBC. Responsibilities of the key committees listed should remain the same in all LBCs to ensure nationwide uniformity and continuity of communication and administration.

603(1) Registration chair may appoint deputy registrars and may assign authority to issue sanctions and approvals to an administrative sub-committee within the LBC for efficiency and convenience. At the option of the LBC, the registration chair may be appointed or elected. (See 604)

603(2) The Chief of Officials may divide the LBC into sub-districts and assign or call for elections of sub-district Chief of Officials with the recommendation of the president and approval by the Board of Directors. At the option of the LBC, the chief of officials may be appointed or elected. (See 604) The certification of non-athlete members shall be coordinated through the president. An LBC has the option to assign the responsibility of certification of coaches to their coaches committee.

603(4) At the option of the LBC, the Tournament Planning Committee chair may be appointed. (See 604)

1204 MAIL VOTE – The provision for mail vote is optional, except for election of officers and amending these Bylaws.

NOTE: An LBC may establish an executive committee of whatever makeup it chooses to act in behalf of the Board of Directors, subject to approval and ratification of the Board of Governors, except that it may not amend the Bylaws.

NOTE: Election of officers is intended to be flexible enough to give each LBC the right to determine whether old or new officers attend the annual meeting of USA Boxing’s Board of Governors. Notification to the national secretary must be made at least ten (10) days prior to USA Boxing’s annual meeting.